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trying to use matrix grid for printing labels - grouping problem

Question asked by rjlevesque on Oct 6, 2010
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trying to use matrix grid for printing labels - grouping problem


Ok I need some expertise here.

--------------- BACKGROUND --------------------

I found a really cool matrix system for a grid of fields so a user can shift+click to move the fields contents from one square to another.

(Sample matrix grid system solution -

I want to utilize this technique to assist with printing labels on a sheet of labels to prevent waste. For example they need only 5 labels printed on the 8.5 X 11 sheet, so they place the labels where they need them to print.

Next time they can take that same sheet and print 3 more labels on the sheet on the correct spots, avoiding the already printed and peeled label squares.


---------------- ISSSUE --------------------

The labels that need to be printed are, of course, made up of several parts of data from within the database. So how can a user select the entire group of contents to move it?

I thought of possibly creating a mask square to go over the top of each square of data and assign the script steps to each block that would go for the items below it, and of course write in some error capture of what to do if the field is empty, or if you try to move it to a field that already has contents.


Any suggestions are greatly appreciated, very stuck on this one...