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    Trying to use [Guest] account as script trigger.



      Trying to use [Guest] account as script trigger.


      I'm trying to set up a startup script that will direct a user to a specific layout when they are under the Guest account. So far I have been able to make it work when referencing a different account, but when I replace that account with [Guest} the script stops working.

      I tried setting up a table to store the current account name in and reference the table after reading this post. But that did not solve the problem either. (http://forums.filemaker.com/posts/ae4a63ad28)

      Current Script is below. Any help would be appreciated.

      If [Get ( AccountName )  = "[Guest]"]

          Go to Layout [“Data Capture” (Devices)


          Go to Layout[“Menu” (Projects)]

      End If


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          For testing purposes, make this the first step of your script:

          Show Custom Dialog [ Get ( AccountName ) ]

          Then log in under [Guest] and check to see what is shown in this custom dialog.

          This will confirm:

          a) That the above script is the actual script performed when the file opens.

          b) the exact text returned by Get ( accountName ) when a guest logs in to be sure that you have the correct text in quotes and that the file has really been opened with the [Guest] account.