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    TTF Fon t Code 39 does oot print



      TTF Fon t Code 39 does oot print


           I am using FMP 12 0n a Mac quadcore with OS 10.8.5.  I need to print a True Type Font bar code (print the actual bars).

           The font is Code39 AzaleaWide2.  I need to have the code change for every document I print in accordance with a number elsewhere in the document.  The code currently prints as a solid wide bar.

           NOTE:  Other applications have no problem with printing the bar code in a scannable manner.

           In Browse mode, the bar code appears as a dense black bar with several white, vertical lines between black rectangles of varying, but large, width.

           In Preview, nothing appears in the position on the form i am working on.


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               What do you see in this field in browse mode?

               What do you see in preview mode?

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                 Almost didn't see your response. You can just post replies in Post A Answer. (Misnamed and bad grammar but the programmers and Oracle RightNow can't seem to be bothered to correct such a howlingly bad interface design mistake.)

                 Browse mode seems like it may be correct. There are two possible issues to rule out as factors: Could "Hide when printing" have been selected in the Inspector for this field? Are you looking at the correct record when in preview? Preview mode will preview all records in your found set starting with the first record. So is there any chance that you were looking at the wrong record in preview?

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                   Some Background - I test a type of plumbing appurtenance called a backflow preventer.  Different water agencies have different types of test reports.  Some water agencies are adding bar codes to their test reports in order to reduce admin time.

                   What I have done is scan the agency test reports into the computer.  I then take my database for those backflow assemblies within a given agency's jurisdiction and create a new layout.  I import the agency form, then establish fields on that form that match the fields in the master database.

                   Typically, I create a worksheet that is a spreadsheet, go into the field and record the test results on the worksheet.  When i fill in the worksheet on the computer, the data is placed in the appropriate place in the test report and I have little to do to complete the test report.  This time saving method of producing test reports has been a gift as the administrative work can exceed the actual field time for many agencies.

                   When agencies started assigning a "Hazard ID Number", I simply added a new field to the database, positioned that field on the test report, and, wonder of all wonders, the test reports were still done quickly and efficiently.

                   Then the agencies started using bar codes based on the Hazard ID.  I thought I would be able to simply relate a field to the Hazard ID, tell that field to use the TTF Code 39, and position that field in the proper place on the form.  Wrong!

                   Please keep in mind - although I have used computers in my business since we bought our first Mac Iix in 1988, I am a mechanic and a plumber.  I live with computers, I do not necessarily love them.  I use Mac because, compared to others in my business, I have far fewer problems.  The computer to me is a tool, just like a wrench.

                   This is my first attempt to use a forum to solve an issue, so I am frustrated with what seems to me the obtuseness of the means of communicating.

                   I do thank you for your help.