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TTF Fon t Code 39 does oot print

Question asked by DennisBuller on Sep 24, 2013
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TTF Fon t Code 39 does oot print


     I am using FMP 12 0n a Mac quadcore with OS 10.8.5.  I need to print a True Type Font bar code (print the actual bars).

     The font is Code39 AzaleaWide2.  I need to have the code change for every document I print in accordance with a number elsewhere in the document.  The code currently prints as a solid wide bar.

     NOTE:  Other applications have no problem with printing the bar code in a scannable manner.

     In Browse mode, the bar code appears as a dense black bar with several white, vertical lines between black rectangles of varying, but large, width.

     In Preview, nothing appears in the position on the form i am working on.