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    Turn on Auto Sort?



      Turn on Auto Sort?


      Hi everyone,

      I posted a question a while ago about how to change the import order of a bunch of numbered images.  For whatever reason they didn't import in the 001, 002, 003, ... etc order that you would normally expect.  I was told to just import them as is and then do a sort after importing.  This works, but the problem is that my 5000 entry database now doesn't properly sort by number anymore.  Any time that I do a find I have to resort by number (number is a column entry that I have).  Is there a way to make it so that it auto sorts by this column in acending order any time I do a find or show all command?



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          I think I get the question.

          I would make a button to trigger a script that includes a find (?all) and a sort specify "sort on the number"

          is the '00' before the number necessary? 

          I would also check that your number field is a number not text.

          It would be possible to make the script automatic on going to the layout after the import..

          This may have all been said


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            You might try setting the OnModeExit script trigger to perform a script that sorts your records as desired each time you exit find mode on this layout. Thus any find will automatically sort your records in the order specified in your secript.