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    Turning containers on or off



      Turning containers on or off


      How do I set up a button that will turn off the contents of a container.  To specific, I have a container that loads google maps.  It slows down the system.  I want the user to be able to check a box to have google maps to show the map. I want the map to be invisible (not searching for the address) until told to do so? 

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          Is this in a container or a web viewer?

          I have a web viewer in one of my DBs and improved performance by putting it inside a tab control so that I have to click the tab to show the tab panel that contains the web viewer.

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            It is a web viewer.  That would be too simple.  I will put the web viewer on the second tab and place the layout for other data on the first tab.

            Not exactly what I want but it will work, Thanks.

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              You can also store the URL in a separate field and Set up the Web Viewer's calculation to return null instead of the value of the URL field until a button is clicked that sets a value--thus "turning on" the web viewer.

              The web viewer might use:

              If ( ViewerOn ; URLFieldHere )

              The script might be:

              Set Field [ YourTable::ViewerOn ; Not YourTable::ViewerOn ]

              And ths will "toggle" the viewer on and off. (Might need  a commit records after the set field to get the layout to update.)