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Turning mini-portals into a virtual list

Question asked by dsimonson on Jun 6, 2015


Turning mini-portals into a virtual list


My previous anesthesia record solution used “mini-portals” to display observations on the record.  I have attached a screen shot of the layout in Browse and Layout modes.  The lower, layout mode shows one of these items selected.  It is a portal with one row showing.  

As you can imagine, the processing that goes on to show all of these portals is intense - the screen refresh time on an iPad is unacceptable.  What I would like to do is use a “virtual list” to show these values rather than all of these portals.  

So - I figure I need a calculation that takes all of the records visible through the filtered portal relationship and assembles them into a tab-delimited format that I can then display arrayed across the layout in a similar manner as these little boxes.  I could insert pipe characters in between the values and somehow create a much similar display, but the layout would not have to refresh all of these little portals each time.

I am thinking of a creating a SQL statement that gathers the records into a list, and then replaces the pilcrow character with a tab character and (perhaps) a pipe, and finally displays that in one single line but very wide text field with appropriate tab stops.

Some problems I foresee is the quirkiness of text and fonts screwing things up between devices (although this is meant for iPad and will be tested there).  I also worry about blank records, which will need to be place marks and not ignored.

Also, should I try it by creating a calculated field, or fill a field with the results of a script?


Dan Simonson