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Turning off Button Once selected

Question asked by ArtL on Oct 15, 2013
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Turning off Button Once selected


     I did a search and have not quite found the same issue as mine, but close, so I will post this one up.

     I have a Course Selection program that selects 6 Different Divisions for training, each with their own sequential serial number.

     What seperates them is the Code for the Division, the numbers can be the same.  Eg.

     ABC 123

     XYZ 123

     The Admin selects the CODE and only when he saves the course outline, is the serial number applied in Auto-Serial in sequential order for each of a set number of CODES (6).


     Here is my problem.

     Once the SAVE button is pressed the button to SAVE disappears, I have Change to Hand Cursor Unchecked... but if you press where the button is, it continues to advance the Serial number.

     I have tried a couple of solutions, including Valuecount.  Can't stop the clicking on the Greyed Out button from advancing the counter.

     Once the SAVE button is checked, the SAVE BUTTON should be permanently Disabled for this Layout.

     Let me know what other info you may need to shed more light.