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    tutorial: lesson 9



      tutorial: lesson 9


      Hi, I've been working my way thru the tutorial for setting up and using a sample database. Made it thru chapters 1-8 without incident. However, on page 63, under "Label and format grouped data", Part 1 says to "Right-click the gray trailing summary row and select Add Group Field (Company) from the shortcut menu..." But whereas this always worked in all prior exercises (actually I never needed to right click, there was always something on right side of field to click on), this time nada. Which makes it tough to proceed with this section. Any ideas?

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          I haven't run the tutorials so I've got to ask a few questions to figure out the actual question here.

          You are in table view, and you've selected "add trailing group..." to add a gray trailing group section to your view. Is the problem that you can't click this with the right hand mouse button or that you don't know what to click? If you have a single button mouse (mac), you can hold down the shift key and click this part of your layout to get the context sensitive menu they want you to access.

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            Yes, I'm in table view. Its a brand new iMac, with the wireless mouse. Here's the previousl section:

            Group and sort data and define a summary field

            1. Right-click the Company column heading and choose Add Trailing Group by Company in the shortcut menu.

            Notice that records are reordered and grouped by company. When you add a leading or trailing group in Table View, FileMaker Pro automatically sorts records in alphabetical order (a-z) by the group field. Fields you group by are referred to as break fields. In this case, the Company field is the break field.

            2. Right-click the Fee Paid column heading, choose Trailing Subtotals, then Total (Membership Revenue) in the shortcut menu.

            Subtotal amounts appear in the Fee Paid column at each company grouping.

            As I said, I did not have to "right click" because as soon as the cursor entered the fields indicated, there appeared a little triangle I could click on. But in the next section I was told to: 

            "Right-click the gray trailing summary row and select Add Group Field (Company) from the shortcut menu..."

            Only this time nothing happens. Am I making myself clear?

            As I mentioned, earlier the next section says to

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              I've got windows and thus have a two button mouse. When I right click the grey blank row created by step 1, I get the short cut menu they describe. 

              In the first two steps, since you are clicking a column heading, you can either left click the arrow or right click any part of the column header (which is what they describe) to get a menu with the options they tell you to select. When right clicking the trailing summary row, there is no arrow so you cannot left click it, but must instead right click it and you can right click any where you want within this grey rectangle to get the short cut menu.

              If you do not have a two button mouse, you must hold down the shift key while clicking in order to "right click" an object on your screen.

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                Thanks! You got me on the right track. Control click was the answer. Appreciate it!