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    Tweaking a current contact list



      Tweaking a current contact list


           I have a current filemaker database created by someone a while back - this is for contact management - There are a lot of tables involved which I don't want to touch because they work well for the company's invoicing and shipping.  I just want to be able to lessen the work because there are so many contacts under the same company but not all the addresses are filled up in each or sometimes they miss out a number here or there.  Is there a way for me to just change the field to select the company name so that the main address of the company gets filled up automatically?  I'm just more interested in populating the main company details, the rest of the information per customer can stay as is.

           Do I create a new table or a self table?  and where should it be linked?  Each customer has their own ID, and some have multiple shipping addresses in each record.


           Thanks again!


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               You could certainly set up a table of Companies with a company name and a set of address fields for a company address, but you've said that "some have multiple shipping addresses in each record."

               Does that mean that single contact may need to be linked to more than one company or more than one division of a company?

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                 Thanks Phil, I just saw your answer to this now - in our line of work, we deal with big companies that distribute various brands, each brand is handled by a manager and the brands  are scattered all over the country in various malls and they're not all in the same malls or areas - thus the various shipping addresses.  But their only common denominator is really their mother company where all billings are sent and payments are received, regardless of where the items are shipped.  I just basically wanted to be able to have the company details universal so that all employees under that company have the same billing address.

                 I was able to do the similars so when I choose one contact, I am able to see all the people in the same company but I wanted to do the opposite that I create a company as a contact and then I can see all details of that company and all the people under that company.