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Tweeking a starter solution

Question asked by MStephens on Jan 6, 2011
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Tweeking a starter solution


I am using FM 11.  Starter solution for PO.

I made a new table, product.

I want it to auto add from Line item

I created relationship for product ID

I would like to be able, as I insert info for a new item from a company, that it auto adds to MY table, Product.  I asked to add records via relationship, but it is not doing so.

I would also like to have a checking account, of sorts, with this database.  I already have something I use in excel.

This starter solution I redefined as a request for material as we are requesting a PO to SEND out to another company so that we can RECEIVE product.  When product comes in, and I send the PO with invoice down to the Business office, I subtract the cost from the budget in my excel worksheet.  it would be nice to have it auto do that once the request is made within the database.