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Two clients, database on shared storage?

Question asked by PatricFalinder on May 26, 2013
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Two clients, database on shared storage?




     Today I have one FileMaker Pro 12 client that uses a couple of databases. We need one more client that can connect to the same databases so I was wondering if it's possible to use the same files at the same time? 

     They are on a shared storage right now so both clients can technically browse them, but is it possible without getting any errors when two people are connected to the same files?


     If that's not possible, can I install FileMaker Pro 12 Server and use the same databses and connect multiple clients to them that way?

     The reason I didn't mention the server method first is because the server is pretty old so it doesn't support FileMaker Pro and would require me to upgrade it, I will do that eventually anyway but I need the second client up and running as fast as possible.