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Two Databases one field in layout

Question asked by LiamCarter on Oct 27, 2010


Two Databases one field in layout


Hiya Guys,

This is my first post so please bear with me.

Here goes

i have 2 database's, 1 - Database A (FileMaker database) & 2 - Database 2 (an external MySQL Database)

I have imported 1 field from a table DB2 called ID into a table DB1 called EXTID this is performed regually to keep the ID's up to date

Both databases have fields for Name, Address, etc...

DB2 is Read only

I have a field in a layout called Field 1.

I need to do following:

When a record loads:

If table from DB1 has a value in EXTID then display the data from table in DB2

If table from DB1 doesn't have a value in EXTID the display the data from table DB1

I have managd to do this using a calculation field with the following command

If ( not IsEmpty ( localtable::EXTID );
GetAsText ( externaltable::first_name );
GetAsText ( localtable::FirstName )

This works perfectly with one exception. I need to be able to edit the data if EXTID is empty.

i.e. if the data is being displayed from the local filemaker database

Sorry if this is vauge.

Thanks for help in advance and please ask for any more infomation and i will reply asap



Just as an extra note.

What i am looking to do as such:

When a record loads i want to be able based on the value in the EXTID change the "Specify Field"