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Two databases or keep growing the current one?

Question asked by user14360 on Feb 16, 2010
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Two databases or keep growing the current one?




I have built what has become quite a complex database (to me anyway!), tracking information about a variety of different companies related to my business.


It has 39 tables, 336 relationships, 152 layouts, 71 value lists and 296 scripts.  It's 20 MB in size, but isn't in actual use yet.  (There are about 2000 records.)


I am looking at expanding it to incorporate another aspect of the business, and this could potentially be quite a large addition to it.


I am wondering if people have thoughts on the best approach.  Do I continue with this file and benefit from all the relationships currently established?  Or do I start a new database file and link them up together? 


Does anyone have any experience with the file capacity in Filemaker?  There is a theoretically large file size potential, but what is the actual impact on performance once files start becoming large?