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two dimensional array

Question asked by med on Feb 18, 2012
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two dimensional array


Is there any way to simulate a two dimensional array. I need to create a variable with two dimensions and populated it with calculated values from a source table then transpose it to a table for display as a portal. 

I tried to use a one dimensional array fill it then create a record and copy its elements to the fields then repeat in a loop but this involved a lot of record navigation in the source and destination tables to get the values and the operation was very slow especially when I am doing it over a network. 

I think if I scan the source table once and fill in the calculated values in the proper elements of a two dimensional array, it would be much faster.

The purpose is a booking application where I read an appointment list table (not in order) and transpose it to a grid of data in a temporary table where each row is a time slot and each column is for one teacher. Then I display this table as a portal.Each element of the portal has a hidden button which when clicked the detailed information of the appointment is displayed.

Please help ... or may be there is a better way to do this.