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Two Displays

Question asked by NicholasPeterson on Jun 1, 2015
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Two Displays



I am experiencing a problem that has been driving me nuts for a while, but seems to have gotten worse after upgrading to FMPA14.

I develop on a laptop. When I'm at my office, my laptop is on a stand with a second display. When I'm not at my office, I just have the single laptop screen. The problem is, I keep running into an issue after switching from two displays back to one. The FM dialog boxes, such as Manage Database, Specify Calculation, Script Workplace etc aren't smart enough to realize that the second display isn't there anymore. These will randomly open off-screen.

When this happens, there is nothing I can do to get the off screen dialog so I can see it. This makes the software unusable as I can't work at home. Sometimes I have to force close FileMaker to get out of it. I have tried restarting FileMaker, restarting the computer, resetting all dialog box locations, deleting the FileMaker preferences files, and nothing works. It would be really great if these windows were considered windows to Windows (lol, microsoft Windows that is). But they aren't, in the taskbar all I can select is the main FileMaker database window.

Has anyone run into this issue and been able to get around it? Right now I just have to wait and work only at the office.

Last, if the writers of FileMaker are listening, It's 2015. A LOT of workstations have multiple displays. It would be awesome if FileMaker caught up to 2005 and let you have two databases open at the same time on different screens, and of course gave users a way to manage FileMaker internal dialogs etc. better.

OS: Windows 8.1 Professional
FM Version: 14.0, and 13.5 (though not as often in 13)

Thank you for any suggestions.