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    two ethernet ports



      two ethernet ports


      Due to a setup with a VMware VM Mac OSX server on my Mac Pro and a difficult to configure router I ran into a problem where I can't assign a manual IP-address to my Mac Pro (DHCP-assigned only).  This makes sharing my databases over our network and even outside of it complicated.

      I thought of using my two Ethernet ports, I can configure my second Ethernet port to have a manually assigned IP-address using DHCP. When doing so FM isn't accessible through that IP-address.

      Can I somehow make sure Filemaker uses my Ethernet2-port (and its IP-address) for sharing?

      My setup briefly:

      - Mac Pro

      - VM Mac OSX server (server has IP-address

      - OS X has Ethernet1 with DHCP-assigned IP-address (which changes on restart)

      - OS X has Ethernet2 with manual-assigned IP-address

      - can only connect to FM through dynamically assigned IP-address (eg

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          What VM are you using? This may make a bit of a difference on my suggested solution because different VM systems handle their network access differently.

          VMWare? VirtualBox? etc...

          Do you use a bridge in your configuration?

          To be honest this is way outside the scope of these forums...this is actually a networking issue. However, I am qualified in networking so if I can answer this quickly and briefly for you I will be happy to.

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            VMware Fusion v 2.0.6, Mac OSX server 10.6.7, Filemaker Pro 11

            I have a cable-modem connected (ethernet) to a router connected (ethernet x 2) to my Mac Pro.

            I have some port forwarding active for some server services (ical, address book, web).

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              Did you allow VMWare to install both the Network Bridge and also the User Tools?

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                VMware Tools: I thought I did but can't find any trace of it, should I run the installer again?

                Network Bridge is on in the Settings: "Connected" with "Connect directly to the physical network (Bridged) set.

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                  Try re-installing the Tools, and another thing to try is to disable/remove the network bridge and then re-enable/re-install the network bridge. I have had times when it did not install properly. Also, double check all network settings within each VM to be sure everything makes sense.

                  Of course this is assuming you have your virtual LAN setup correctly to begin with.

                  Anything beyond this will be in-depth into networking structure and beyond the scope of this forum I'm sorry. I don't want to stray too far from the sole purpose of this forum. However, this is a networking issue within your virtual machines, not a filemaker issue.

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                    Thanks, I guess it worked, still have to restart my whole network to see if it works after that ;)

                    - re-installed the tools, still no trace of them so I wonder if they were actually installed

                    - turned Bridge networking off and on again

                    - changed the order of my Ethernet connections in my Mac network settings (Ethernet2 first and using DHCP with manual address - this is the IP used for my fmnet) Ethernet 1 remains with DHCP without possibility to use a manual address).

                    Now I can connect to FM and to my VM server on two different IP addresses.

                    I still wonder if there is a way to do this using only one of my Ethernet ports, will try sometime soon