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two ethernet ports

Question asked by DannCortier on May 2, 2011
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two ethernet ports


Due to a setup with a VMware VM Mac OSX server on my Mac Pro and a difficult to configure router I ran into a problem where I can't assign a manual IP-address to my Mac Pro (DHCP-assigned only).  This makes sharing my databases over our network and even outside of it complicated.

I thought of using my two Ethernet ports, I can configure my second Ethernet port to have a manually assigned IP-address using DHCP. When doing so FM isn't accessible through that IP-address.

Can I somehow make sure Filemaker uses my Ethernet2-port (and its IP-address) for sharing?

My setup briefly:

- Mac Pro

- VM Mac OSX server (server has IP-address

- OS X has Ethernet1 with DHCP-assigned IP-address (which changes on restart)

- OS X has Ethernet2 with manual-assigned IP-address

- can only connect to FM through dynamically assigned IP-address (eg