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Two layouts on the same report - general direction?

Question asked by Bonnerbl on Sep 27, 2010
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Two layouts on the same report - general direction?


I have a table of parts. Some of the parts have subassemblies (in a related table).

The user wants a printed report of parts three to a page, but if a part has sub-assemblies then that part should be printed on a page by itself and include the subassembly information.

So say I have 5 parts without subassemblies, then 1 part with a subassembly, followed by 2 parts without subassemblies. The user wants the report to look like this--

page 1 - parts 1, 2, and 3.

page 2 - parts 4 and 5.

page 3 - part 6 with its subassembly detail

page 3 - parts 7 and 8.

Somehow I need to fill a 3-up format with info, then release it for printing. Then do the same again. But if it encounters a part with subassemblies, release the 3-up page for printing no matter how much info I have accumulated, print the current record in one-up format, and release it for printing. Then return to the 3-up format.

Is this making sense? Would appreciate comments on the approach. Thanks!