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Two layouts with same portal in both

Question asked by JohhnyHilly on May 1, 2013
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Two layouts with same portal in both


     I need some advice on using the same portal on two layouts. I have two layouts (based on the same table) with a portal on each of these layouts (linked to the same table as the other portal).

     In the one portal I have a field (say XX) that has a "Not Empty" validation. In the second portal when I try to enter data into the other field (say YY), it says "THIS FIELD (referring to the first layout/portal field XX) requires a value" . From this I am assuming each row in the either portal is the same record. Can someone please confirm this?

     The reason I am asking this is that in the first portal, I am creating a new record/row every day which is based on date. In the second portal, I am only creating a record/row once every 2 months which is also based on date, but I would like to have the data stored on the same table. Can someone recommend what I should do? Should I look at creating a new table for the second portal? I am wanting to do a calculation based on the results of both portal fields so was thinking it might be easier having them in the same table.

     Hope it is clear. Thanks in advance.