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    Two persons in same field in a portal



      Two persons in same field in a portal



           I have one table with a list of events, another with people contact and another with music composers.

           I already have a portal inside the event table/layout to list more than one music each person played in that event.

           In that portal, I want to be able to include two or more persons in the same music in a field, let's call "persons" for the people involved in that music.

           Is it possible?


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               It's possible. But I suspect you want to do more than just type in two or more names into a field.

               Is this a list that needs to link to your contacts table or something?

               If so, is this a portal to a join table in order to set up a many to many relationship?

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                 Thanks for your reply!

                 Yes, I know I can write the names there, but what I want, is that field to link to the table where I have the individual contacts, and select more then one name in the field of the event (and later, to click on a name and open the recorder of that contact name).


                 Attached is a picture with a record of an event an at the bottom is a portal, with each music been a line and a field with the "Involved Persons" with more than one person.

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                   To answer, I'll need to understand what relationships you have in place. What tables are part of this process and how are they related to each other.

                   Event management systems are frequently built on this set of related tables:


                   This allows you to link multiple contacts to one event and yet any given event can be linked to multiple contacts.

                   Do you have this type of system set up?

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                     Yes, I already do that in order to have more than one music listed in the same event.

                     In my case I did like Event ------ <Event Detail> ----- Contacts; and in the Event Detail I have several entries with each music, composer, and persons.


                     So, in the Event Layout, I have generic info of that info (like place, date, title, etc) on the top, and on the bottom I want to include a list of every music played and every person involved in each music (witch are different from Music 1 to Music 2 and so on).


                     But my problem is how to include all the persons in each music, linking to the contacts table, and in one field.

                     Attached 2 pictures, of tables and event layout with example of what I would like to do.

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                       Thank you. your last post is very helpful. This is nearly the set up that I expected, but didn't want to assume that it was the case. Matching records by muscian name, however, is a potential problem. Names are not unique; people change their names; and names can be very easily mistyped during data entry and all of these can create problems for you that you can avoid if you use ID_contact to link musicians to Event Detail.

                       But If I understand the main issue here correctly, you don't just have solo performers, you have groups of performers with contact information for each. You want to list all performers and be able to access their contact info for each song performed at a given event. Correct?

                       If so, then I recommend setting up a second join table, this one would link an occurrence of contacts to your existing Join table, Event_Details. This will allow you to link multiple muscians to multiple event detail records.

                       Contacts----<EventDetail_Performers>----Event Detail

                       Contacts::ID_Contact = EventDetail_Performers::ID_Contact
                       Event Detail::ID_DetalheEvento = EventDetail_Performers::ID_DetalheEvento

                       Once you get the records set up in EventDetail_Performers, you can use this calculation to get your list: Substitute ( List ( Contacts::Name ) ; ¶ ; "; " )

                       The trick will be selecting performers in this new table. This can be done with what is called Master Detail portals: Need layout solution for nested portals...

                       When you click a button in the Master Portal (portal to Event Detail), the button click shows the list of performers for that event detail record in the second portal. This second portal can be shown in a small floating window or (if using FileMaker 13, a popover can be opened to display this portal.)