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    Two portal records on a single layout?



      Two portal records on a single layout?




      I want to create my payment voucher (report - layout) which I can print two of any selected portal records onto one A4 size paper because one A4 is simply too big for a payment voucher.  Eg.  Top 1/2 is for Mr Michael James and the second 1/2 of the layout is for Miss Smith Wyn  


      How can I do that?


      Thank you. 

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          Size your layout so that it takes up 1/2 of your paper.


          Isolate just the invoices you want to print.


          Print them with the "records being browsed option" that you'll find in your print dialog.

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            Hi Phil,...


            It works when I've fixed fields placed in Body... right now, due to portal records placed in the Body, and a trailing Grand Summary below it to calculate total amount payable,.. I couldn't get my footer to go right up to the first half of the layout.  My footer is designated for the payee's signature


            Btw, how do we create two bodies in one layout?  



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              You'll need to restructure your report to change your footer and trailing grand summary into a sub-summary part.


              Let's assume you have a field called "invoice number" or some such that is unique to each record.


              Since your trailing grand summary and footer print once per invoice you can merge them into a single layout part. Change this part into a Sub-summary part "sorted by invoice number" (double-click the part label) and you can print multiple invoices on each sheet of paper.


              You'll need to sort your record by this field in order for the sub-summary part to be visible. If you are using FMP 10, the sub-summary part will now be visible in browse mode and when you print/preview the report. In earlier versions, you'll need to use preview mode to see this layout part.

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                Based on ur explanation, can I clarify if the following actual illustration is correct pls:


                Field that is unique to each record/payment voucher is Payee Name


                Header:  Logo, Payee Name, Payment Mode, Date of Payment

                Body:  Description of Payment (a listing of one or more items),  Amount

                Sub-summary by Payee Name (Trailing) :  Total Amount Payable (Summary type = Total of Amount), "Received by" (a column space for the payee's signature)


                Am using FM10,.. after creating the above, however, the sub-summary part is missing. 

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                  In order for a sub-summary part to be visible the found set must be sorted in a sort order that specifies that field. Are you sure payee name will be unique? We have cases here where two invoices insuccession are for the same customer. (Sometimes an item is left off the first invoice and they simply make a second invoice for the additional item.)


                  You'll need to eliminate the header also You can make it a "print above" sub-summary part sorted on the same field as the bottom section. How are you listing your multiple invoice items? In a portal or ?

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                    Further clarification on my example


                    Quote ID is the unique kp_ID, for every quote if confirmed/commissioned, there'll b a Job No.


                    INPUT (LAYOUT) shows records from Job_main  

                    1)  contains a portal for Payment details such as payee name and amount.


                    VOUCHER (LAYOUT) showing records from Payment

                    1) physical layout to be printed to individual payee ***  

                    2) the multiple items (Body part) here are listed as normal edit boxes


                    *** one job, there could be more than one payees... payment voucher in my case is not the same as invoice.  Invoice is for clients whereas payment vouchers are for my suppliers.  I'm hoping to print two payment vouchers within one page ie. for two separate suppliers which also means two separate payees. 


                    I can see the listed payee names but not the Total Amount and "signature text spaces" which are in the sub-summary.

                    "Signature text spaces" are not fields.


                    So in my case, what should i sort by? 

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                      It can be any field that is unique to each record you are printing. If you are sure Payee Name will be unique under each and every possible circumstance, then you can sort on that field. Many such tables have internally generated serial numbers--this would be ideal.


                      Sub-summary parts can contain any layout object you want including such things as static layout text and graphic objects such as what you are using to make up your signature block. The layout part's position and visibility will still be controlled by whether it is "Print above"/"Print Below" and has or has not been sorted on it's designated "sort field".


                      If your individual items are located in a portal placed in the body, you can move the fields that were part of your header down into the top section of the body and thus have one less layout part to manage.

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                           will give it a try...  thanks phil,.. will update soon