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two portals in one challenges

Question asked by malibux14x on Apr 22, 2014
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two portals in one challenges



     i have a two parter here that is a little tricky and was hoping someone can help shed light.

     i have a data base that hosts invoices, product and sales reps info.  each rep will have a number of sub reps as in a binary graph.

     on the sales reps page, i have this separated with tabs (sales rep info and binary).  in the first tab (sales rep info)  i already have a portal that shows any orders taken using that sales reps name  but i would also like a portal showing any order any of his sub reps placed.  id like this data to be able to be search for between dates as well for when commissions need to paid monthly. 

     the second part is under the Binary tab.  i have 14 spots for sub reps.  under each rep id like to have the date of their last order shown as well as the total number of order this sub rep has placed within the last 30 days.

     any help in figuring this out would be greatly appreciated!  Thank you in advanced.