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two portals in one single layout

Question asked by franzele on Jan 13, 2010
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two portals in one single layout


Hi all (my first post...).


Using FM10 demo on a Mac OSX Snow Lepoard, and coming from a good PHP/MySQL experience. Almost new to the FM environment.


I'm planning a one-user rather simple solution that should base on two tables, Products and Companies, 1-N related. Products lists a series of items, and Companies lists data for firms that can be producing and/or distributing the Products.


I'm using this structure






<other data>




<other data>


I use two table occurrencies for Companies that are related with Products this way


Companies prod::Code = Products::ProducerCode


Companies distr::Code = Products::DistributorCode


Until now, no problem in showing in Companies a portal with the products the company produces. But now I need a second portal in the same company record showing products the firm distributes, something like this



<other data>

produced                        distributed

pr10 - hammer                pr21 - screwdriver

pr15 - nails                     ......


I thought that should have been easy in FM (not a problem in MySQL). But (surely for my minimal experience in FM) it's a lot I'm searching for a solution, but no way.


Would some of you gurus be so kind to give me a hint to this situation?


Thanks a lot