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    two portals in one single layout



      two portals in one single layout


      Hi all (my first post...).


      Using FM10 demo on a Mac OSX Snow Lepoard, and coming from a good PHP/MySQL experience. Almost new to the FM environment.


      I'm planning a one-user rather simple solution that should base on two tables, Products and Companies, 1-N related. Products lists a series of items, and Companies lists data for firms that can be producing and/or distributing the Products.


      I'm using this structure






      <other data>




      <other data>


      I use two table occurrencies for Companies that are related with Products this way


      Companies prod::Code = Products::ProducerCode


      Companies distr::Code = Products::DistributorCode


      Until now, no problem in showing in Companies a portal with the products the company produces. But now I need a second portal in the same company record showing products the firm distributes, something like this



      <other data>

      produced                        distributed

      pr10 - hammer                pr21 - screwdriver

      pr15 - nails                     ......


      I thought that should have been easy in FM (not a problem in MySQL). But (surely for my minimal experience in FM) it's a lot I'm searching for a solution, but no way.


      Would some of you gurus be so kind to give me a hint to this situation?


      Thanks a lot

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          I'm guessing a bit here about how you've set up your layout, but it seems that you've based your layout  on the Companies prod table occurrence which makes your portal of products work as there is a link between Companies prod and Products. But with that arrangement, you don't have a table occurrence that links Products to your Companies prod table occurrence by Distributer code and this keeps you from setting up the second portal.


          You'll need another table occurrence or you could set up your TO's this way:


          Companies::Code = ProductsByProd:: ProducerCode


          Companies::Code = ProductsByDist:: DistributorCode


          Now base your layout on Companies.

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            Thanks a lot for the quick and perfect answer. It seems I'm still a bit confused by this TO proliferation. But of course this means I need to get more experience with the FM development system.


            So I added another TO for Products and based my layout on the Company table (even graphically clear: the Company table between the two Product tables originating the two portals shown). And, since I needed also the Distributer and Producer names in the Product layout, ended up with two "real" tables and four TOs in the relationship graphic. But everything seems working now, so I suppose I have to get acquainted to this (for me) strange attitude.


            Anyway, thanks again 

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              If you take the time to compose some "Psuedo SQL" and compare the expressions to the Relationship graph, you should find quite a few similarities. It's just that it's now presented in a very different format. I have worked previously with the MS Access Relationships tool and this made the Graph familiar territory for me as it's fairly similar.


              You might find the following link helpful:

              Table vs. Table Occurrence (Tutorial)