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Two Portals Same Layout?

Question asked by MorkAfur on Feb 26, 2015
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Two Portals Same Layout?


I was surprised when Customer->Order->OrderItems setup in the database didn't filter records as expected.

The problem seems to be that although FMP is fine with the Customer->Order (portal), it barfs when trying to then filter from the Order portal to the OrderItems portal.

This begs the question of what good is the relationship then if filtering doesn't happen? The relationship works between Customer and Order so why not between Order and OrderItems? Strange.

To try to get around this, however, I created a global variable called $$orderPKToFilterBy and set it in the onEnter event of the Order Number field in the Order Portal (lower left).

Then, I created a portal filter expression in the lower right portal (order items) that has the expression:

OrderItems::OTM_ORDFK = $$orderPKToFilterBy

Yet, nothing shows up in the lower right portal as I scroll down the left lower portal.

See below.

Thanks in advance,

- m