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    Two Portals working together



      Two Portals working together


      Hi Guys,

      I have a self join portal displaying product categories, This shows Cat_ID and Cat_Description

      and a Portal displaying Product info related to categories by Cat_ID

      Both Portals are on a layout showing records from Categories

      How do I select a Categories Portal row to show only Products related to that cat_ID?

      I can scroll the records with the book icon but it would be better to selct the relevent record with a mouse click

      Thanks for the help


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          Is this what you want:

          Click a row (or button in that row) of the portal and switch from the current record to the record clicked in the portal?

          That's easily done. Please confirm my guess and I'll then post a simple script you can adapt to your system.

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            Thanks for the reply,

            I wanted to use the first self join portal as a navigation tool for the second portal. This I had working with the top book nav icon.

            I wanted to be able to click a portal row instead of scrolling through the records.

            I have now added a GTRR button in the self join using the current layout and that has achieved what I wanted to do.

            If there is a more elegant way then please let me know