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Two previously undocumented Yosemite problems

Question asked by iceman7 on Nov 12, 2014
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Two previously undocumented Yosemite problems


I know two repeatable FM13 bugs on Yosemite, that I've yet to see reported or discussed.

1. Animated GIFs that worked in Mavericks stop working in Yosemite. My client loved them in Mavericks and I sure hope that gets fixed.

2. FileMaker's Temporary folder seems to expire or time-out or otherwise 'get lost' in longer work sessions. Scripts that invoke the folder will work as they did in Mavericks when first launched. Later if  the session turns into a lengthy one errors are thrown up about how FileMaker can't find its temporary folder.  Restart Filemaker and those script steps work again. I turned off App Nap but that didn't fix it.