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Two Questions - Value Lists and Layouts

Question asked by ha-thrapp on Jan 31, 2013
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Two Questions - Value Lists and Layouts


     Hi, I am relatively new to Filemaker Pro, and am struggling with two questions that I need to figure out so I can finish an inventory & asset tracking DB for work.

     1) I have a value list that contains two items: "in stock" and "in use", the value list is being used with radio buttons to mark individual assets as either available for use or currently being used. I have set up my DB so that the individual asset tracking is related to the overall Product Inventory, and am using a portal to display the individual asset information (ie tracking numbers and availabilty) on the overall product description/inventory. Can I use these two options ("in stock" and "in use") from this value list (called "availability) to calculate the total number of available assets for a single product line, so that when "in stock" is checked for an individual asset that falls into a product category (lets say, black staplers), that single asset will be counted, along with all the other assets that have been checked "in stock" for said prodcut, towards my overall available inventory for that product, to be displayed in a field called "On Hand"?

     2) I cannot figure out how to modify my layout in the portal. I started using the Starter Solution "Inventory" and have been modifying fields as necessary to create an Overall Product Inventory Table and an Individual Asset Tracking Table, the Asset Tracking table is being displayed in the portal that was already set up in this started solution. I have successfull renamed/reformatted field names as necessary, but I have two fields I need to swap as "In stock"/"In use" option should come before "Location Details" option. I have entered edit layout mode and swapped the two fields (and their labels) by re-arranging them with the mouse. Once they are in the correct position, I save the layout and return to browse mode and the fields and labels appear in the exact same position they were in before I edited. If I delete the fields and insert new ones so that they are in the order they should be displayed, the fields show up fine, but the labels will be way out of position in browse mode, so that in the middle of my picture placeholder is my "Availability" Label. I have tried using group and align bottom (grouping 'availability" with the other labels that display above my portal) to no avail. Is there something I am not getting about modifying layouts? Other labels and fields I have modified in the layout that don't pertain to the portal appear just as/where I want them in browse mode after editing, just not the portal field/labels that I have attempted to edit on the layout.

     Thanks in advance for the help!