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Two Questions for experienced users

Question asked by lijnbach on Apr 3, 2015
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Two Questions for experienced users


I am working on an extension of an existing database.


Before start working this out, I have two general questions;


1.    Influence of number of related tables on database speed?

2.    Influence of number of indexes on database speed.


Ad. 1

Does the number of related tables effect the speed of the database? e.g. I use the Advanced Value Selection of PhilModJunk for Radio Buttons and CheckBoxes, just because they offer more possibilities and they look better. But this means I need extra related tabels with X relation. With the extension I will end up on my main table with 12 related tables.


(And using the Advanced Value Selections also means more portals, sometimes within a popover).


Ad. 2

I know using an index on a certain field speeds up searching and relations. But I also know that every change on an indexed field, means the index has to be updated. So, many indexes can slow down the entire database.


I can’t find proper documentation when using an index and when not. (And when Full Indexed or minimal).


(Using FMPA version 13.05)


Thanks in advance,


Hans Lijnbach