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    Two Questions for experienced users



      Two Questions for experienced users


      I am working on an extension of an existing database.


      Before start working this out, I have two general questions;


      1.    Influence of number of related tables on database speed?

      2.    Influence of number of indexes on database speed.


      Ad. 1

      Does the number of related tables effect the speed of the database? e.g. I use the Advanced Value Selection of PhilModJunk for Radio Buttons and CheckBoxes, just because they offer more possibilities and they look better. But this means I need extra related tabels with X relation. With the extension I will end up on my main table with 12 related tables.


      (And using the Advanced Value Selections also means more portals, sometimes within a popover).


      Ad. 2

      I know using an index on a certain field speeds up searching and relations. But I also know that every change on an indexed field, means the index has to be updated. So, many indexes can slow down the entire database.


      I can’t find proper documentation when using an index and when not. (And when Full Indexed or minimal).


      (Using FMPA version 13.05)


      Thanks in advance,


      Hans Lijnbach

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          1) I have heard from FileMaker personnel that the total number of Table Occurrence boxes can negatively effect performance.

          2) The more indexed fields you have, the more records and thus the larger and more complex the indexes become...

          The longer it takes to do "mass updates" such as Replace Field contents on a large block of records or Importing a large block of records into your database. It's very unlikely that there will be a noticeable "hit" from modifying the value of a single field in a single record.

          The more indexes that you have, the larger your file becomes as well.

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            O.K. Phil,

            Thanks for your information. I will use this information and keep this in mind when developing the extension.

            Thanks again Phil,

            Hans Lijnbach