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Two questions involving drop down lists and records

Question asked by dmpjporter on Dec 9, 2009
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Two questions involving drop down lists and records


I am working with Filemaker 10, and I am still fairly new to it.



I have two questions about using drop down lists. The first one is in relation to using the drop down list to navigate to a record. I am coming from Access and when I used that I was able to put a drop down menu in as a navigational field. I could select a record from the list and go to it, is there a way to do something similar to this in Filemaker?


Second, I would like to create a new record and be able to start a new record that is an order form and I would like to be able to select a current customer to put in as the customer. I have loked for hours and I am not able to do it, any help would be great.