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Two quick FMPro12 Database questions

Question asked by MatRichardson on Jan 16, 2013
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Two quick FMPro12 Database questions


     Good morning/afternoon!

     I have a couple of quick questions and wondering if anyone can help.

     I have a single database that records assets, I have a copy of this database in 5 different countries, each look after their own list of assets, recording assignment, condition, auditing etc. Every month, each country emails back a copy of their database, I would like to know if it is possible for me to combine all 5 into a single central database? Each location has exactly the same layout but choses their own country location from a drop down box. Can anyone tell me if this is possible?


     My second question, I have 1 section of the databse that holds serial numbers, sometimes a combination of numbers and letters, sometimes just numbers. When I chose to export data to an excel spreadsheet, I don't get the serial numbers, just a jumbled mess. Is there a way of assigning this box as text and then getting it to export to excel as text so I get exactly what is in the database?


     Many thanks to anyone who can help!