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Two Related Fields

Question asked by Christian on Jun 4, 2013
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Two Related Fields


     I'm not sure that I'm using the correct terminology for this, but I have searched, and didn't really find my solution.

     I have two drop-down fields in my mail log database, and I would like that when you select one item in the first dropdown, to automatically select an entry from the second drop-down field.

     The two fields are "Form/Document" and upon logging out, we select a "Destination" for the form - to which department the document is to go after it leaves the office.  We have a few people using this database, and we're always having to look up where certain forms are supposed to go.  I figured it would be easier to relate the two fields, so that when someone selects, for example, the form "Permission to Travel", the Destination field would automatically populate to "Travel Office."

     There is a little quirk, however, and the issue is that some forms may go to different destinations depending on how the form needs to be managed.  So, the second field should be editable, in case a form has to go to somewhere besides the specific destination first.

     Thank you for any help!