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Two Table Relationship

Question asked by YukioKina on Feb 8, 2013
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Two Table Relationship


     Greetings all,

     I'm new to FMP and so far feel like I'm doing fairly well with it.  I've been stuck on figuring out relationships and portals and lookups and all that stuff and I'm hoping someone might be gracious enough to help straighten this out with me.  I've done searching through the forums, knowledge base, Google and YouTube but not really able to make too much sense of it, especially in relating exactly to my need.

     I have a database with two tables; events & contacts.  In both tables I have fields like first name, last name, home phone, mobile phone, etc. and what I'd like is to be able to enter client info into the events table and either continue manually entering the info, or if a record for them exists in contacts, have it automatically pull up their info and load it into the applicable fields in the events table.  In my searching, I've found that there are apparently a couple of ways to do this?  One of which will maintain a link between the info so that if I change a contact's info in the contacts table, it will reflect in the events table.  That would be my preferred method.  I'm just really not sure how to go about creating the relationships for it to do this.  I'm familiar with the relationships window, just not really sure how to create those relationships.

     Thanks to all who took the time to read this, and an advance thank you to anyone who responds!