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    Two Tables in one reports



      Two Tables in one reports


      I have two tables. Both have 2 fields called Funnel Stage and First Name. I am trying to search the two tables for anything that is populated in the Funnel stage with "*" then put the results of the two in the same Filemaker report. First off, what would be the script to find anything populated between the 2 tables and then how would i go about putting htem into a filemaker report grouped A-Z by funnel stage?



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          Why two different tables?


          What kind, if any, of a relationship have you set up to link the two tables?

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               No clue why there is two tables, I'm working on combining them, but for now there is two. They have no relationship.
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              Do the two tables contain the same or nearly the same type of data? If most of the fields in the two tables are the same, it may be easier for many reasons (not just this report) to merge the two tables.


              Otherwise, you have to use some kind of intermediary table just for printing:


              One possibility:

              Define a table with all the necessary fields you need for data from both tables.

              Perform a Find on the first table.

              Use Import Records to copy the found set of records into the intermediary table.

              Perform a find on the second table.

              Import these records into the intermediary table.


              Now you can set up a report based on the intermediary table.


              Once done, you'll have to decide what happens to the imported records in the intermediary table. In most cases, you'd delete them so that you can repeat the above steps to pull up a different report.

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                   Ok yes it will be for printing so let me try that out. It is similar data and i know it will be easier in one table but theres multiple layouts with similar id's so the data is a little jumbled right now and I am working on making them so i can make it 1 single table with no overlapping ID's.
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                     When I do the import records Step how do I map the fields from the found set. do I have to export the data first or can i do it all within filemaker because I have to run this on multiple computer so it would be better to do it all in filemaker?
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                    If your current layout is a layout that refers to the intermediary table, you can use import records to copy records from the other table from within the same file into the intermediary table.


                    If this is the first time around, you can even use the "new table" option to create the intermediary table and import data from the first table all in one operation.