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Two tables or one table?

Question asked by DanielTurner on Mar 1, 2012
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Two tables or one table?


I'm in the planning stages of a production workflow database.

In our production workflow, we are working on two types of products so to speak.  Different users will work on Type A different users on Type B.  The workflow for each will be slightly different, but the informational fields will be the same or at least 95% the same.  I'll need to generate reports combining the workflow results of both Type A and Type B.

What I'm wondering is if it will be easier/possible to have two separate tables for Type A and Type B and still be able to generate a report with results from both A and B or would it be easier/possible to have A and B in one table, and then have a layout automatically filter to display only results A or B.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.