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Two Tables, One Layout

Question asked by charliefoxtrot on Jul 13, 2009
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Two Tables, One Layout


I'm using Filemaker to maintain a radio log, but am struggling with how to design a form around my tables. 


Table #1 contains everything related to a specific event - the date and time it occurred, who was manning the radio, etc.

Table #2 contains the chronological log, tied to table #1 by the event ID number. Each entry in this log has a timestamp and a summary of the communication that occurred at that time, and the station with which I was communicating. 


What I'm looking to do is have a single form to enter all this information. The info for table #1 goes at the top, and I just fill out a table that expands down infinitely; each row of this table would create a record in table #2. 


I know how this could be done using a scripting language such as Ruby on Rails or PHP. However, I'd really like to have a desktop application as a frontend. Is this something that would be possible in Filemaker?