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Two Tricky Conditional Formatting Questions

Question asked by JoshHyman on Mar 11, 2011
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Two Tricky Conditional Formatting Questions


Hi There,

I need some help on a few conditional formatting issues that I have.

1. Is there a way to add conditional formatting to a range of cells without deleting (overriding) the current conditional formatiing of a field.

Basically I have a Formula based "self" referncing and I want to apply it to a range of fields, some of these fields already have other formulas that I would rather not recreate.

2. This one is a bit harder. Many of my fields have data valadtion form a few different related values value lists. As this list dynamically updates I want a conditional formula, or script for that matter to tell me when a field that has had data entered into from the list, is no longer available in that list.

For example

1. The field Shows::Rope Circle, has the choices from a related values value list of ..... John, Fred, Tom, Sam.

2. I enter sam in this field

3. Sam calls in sick and is removed from the related value list

4. I filemaker to tell me that Sam is no longer a valid choice for this field.

Doews anyone know if this is possible?

Thanks for your help.