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Two windows open, same field and data.

Question asked by Mitch on Jun 6, 2011
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Two windows open, same field and data.



I have a database in which there is a Main Layout with an Image Field (container) that holds an image (referenced) for a particular record. This is limited in size because of all the additional data fields.  I also have some 'rotate image buttons' that rotates the image clockwise 90 degrees on each click.

In order the view the image in a larger format, I have a script that opens the record on a 'New Window', in front but slightly below the Main Layout. On the New Window the Image Field is displayed on the whole window.  This page also has the rotate image buttons.

I prefer to have the Main Layout remain open underneath the New Window.  

However, this causes an issue as the rotate image buttons' on the New Window, as they will not rotate or alter the image because the record is still open on the Main Layout positioned underneath.  

Is there a solution to this, or will I have to go back to not opening a new window?