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    Two windows open, same field and data.



      Two windows open, same field and data.



      I have a database in which there is a Main Layout with an Image Field (container) that holds an image (referenced) for a particular record. This is limited in size because of all the additional data fields.  I also have some 'rotate image buttons' that rotates the image clockwise 90 degrees on each click.

      In order the view the image in a larger format, I have a script that opens the record on a 'New Window', in front but slightly below the Main Layout. On the New Window the Image Field is displayed on the whole window.  This page also has the rotate image buttons.

      I prefer to have the Main Layout remain open underneath the New Window.  

      However, this causes an issue as the rotate image buttons' on the New Window, as they will not rotate or alter the image because the record is still open on the Main Layout positioned underneath.  

      Is there a solution to this, or will I have to go back to not opening a new window?


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          As long as you commit the current record before opening the new window, you should be able to use the rotate buttons on the new window. Just include a commit record step right before the New window step.

          Those "rotate" buttons spark my curiosity. How do they work?

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            "Those "rotate" buttons spark my curiosity. How do they work?"

            4 layouts or 4 tabs ?

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              Or a plug in?

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                I will do my best, but they spark my curoisity as well...

                There are a number of fields, the first:

                cDisplay_Image_Orientation, has auto text set as "0".  

                Second, a plain container field that contains the image:


                Then, four other fields, 

                cDisplay_Image_0, with Calculation: Case(GetAsNumber(cDisplay_Source_Orientation) = 0 or IsEmpty(cDisplay_Source_Orientation); Image_Viewer)

                cDisplay_Image_90, with Calculation: Case(GetAsNumber(cDisplay_Image_Orientation) = 90; Image_Viewer)

                cDisplay_Image_180, with Calculation: Case(GetAsNumber(cDisplay_Image_Orientation) = 180; Image_Viewer)

                cDisplay_Image_270, with Calculation: Case(GetAsNumber(cDisplay_Image_Orientation) = 270; Image_Viewer)

                The value of cDisplay_Image_Orientation is changed with a button and script:

                Set Field [Main_Page::cDisplay_Image_Orientation; Case (GetAsNumber (Main_Page::cDisplay_Image_Orientation) = 0; "270 degrees";GetAsNumber (Main_Page::cDisplay_Image_Orientation) = 270; "180 degrees";GetAsNumber (Main_Page::cDisplay_Image_Orientation) = 180; "90 degrees";GetAsNumber (Main_Page::cDisplay_Image_Orientation) = 90; "0 degrees")

                The Main_Page::Image_Viewer is placed on the layout with each one of the cDisplay_Image_# fields directly over the top, all aligned and grouped, in order

                from bottom to top, Main_Page::Imager_Viewer, cDisplay_Image_0, cDisplay_Image_270, cDisplay_Image_180 and cDisplay_Image_90.  Each one of

                then cDisplay_Image_# fields are rotated to their respective degrees; cDisplay_Image_90 rotated 90 degrees to the right and so on.

                My Main_Page::Image_Viewer and cDisplay_Image_0 have a black background.  All fields have the same size and colour border.  However the

                cDisplay_Image_90, 180 and 270 have no colour fill or background.  

                I am pretty sure I have covered everything....