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    Type ahead on portal very slow



      Type ahead on portal very slow



      I have three portals on a layout with a search field box. (see screen shot below). So whenever a user types in part of either the company name or the full name, only the relevant rows appear in the portal. Although it works, it is incredibly slow. I'm looking for ways to make the process faster.

      The layout is based on a table called shoots and leaves, and the portals are from a table called orders. The tables are related through the relationship:-

          Shoots and Leaves id X Orders id

      and I use filtering to only show the desired rows.

      The company name and the full name are from the related table customers.  I combine these two fields into a single field called super search field and then use patterncount to show the results:-

      Patterncount(Orders::Super search field, Shoots and Leaves::Global search field)>0

      can anybody suggest ways of making it faster ? Thanks








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          You've stubbed your two on the main draw back to this method. Portal filters have to evaluate on every related record to control which appear in the portal. If you have a large number of related records (the records that would show if there were no filter), then it will take long time to update the portals with each keystroke.

          You could modify the design so that the update doesn't take place keystroke by keystroke by adding a button to update the portal after entering your search text.

          You might see if you can use some additional control to limit the records listed to just those that are members of a specific category. This field can be a match field that makes up part of the relationship.