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    Type in database fields is suddenly "invisible"



      Type in database fields is suddenly "invisible"


           I have an old database which, about a year ago, was converted from Filemaker 5.5 to Filemaker 12. For the most part, I have no trouble with the database but recently the text in certain fields has disappeared.

           After some research, I found that the text is still in the field, but is not showing up. I can see the text when I highlight a field but it doesn't show up in the color specified by the color picker (see Company Name filed below).

           This is the only database I have with this problem. The only solution I've been able to find is to highlight the text in a field, change both the font and the color, then change them back to their original settings (see comments field below). Does anyone have an idea how I could fix this?

           OSX 10.6.8
           FMP Advanced