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Typical FM pro setups for a small company

Question asked by KoenDeSmet on Oct 16, 2012
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Typical FM pro setups for a small company



     I'm an IT administrator for a small company (5persons)  that whishes to implement a proper database for it's stock management.

     Knowing FM from the past ,it seems like a good solution.

     But there are some questions that need to be clarified before.

     1. Is FM pro able to use an external database such Mysql to store everything ? - Meaning ,use only FM pro as an interface ,but store the content in a db-

     2. Is FM Pro intended to be used by 1 user only , or is to possible to write with several FP pro instances into the same db ?

     3. Is there somewhere some infrastructure examples for the setup of FM pro (especially with the use of multiple FM pro instances)

     4. When to use FM pro ,and when to use FM server ?

     Thanks in advance for the replies,