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Typing in Scripts

Question asked by ZacharyWebster on Feb 7, 2011
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Typing in Scripts



I am very new to FM and I have a question of creating your own scripts. My company recently bought a scanner and want to incorporate it with FM Pro to keep track of inventory (scan items in/out, know different quantities). I tried scanning a barcode and changing the different quantities, but when I plug in my scanner, the barcode just shows up without the different quantities or anything. I searched through the forums and it appears that I need to create my own script to better implement this strategy. I found a script that a member wrote up and I tried entering it in FM and errors were coming up, which I didn't know how to fix.

For example, on one of the lines is

Set Field [ Inventory::k_ID_Inventory; Inventory::BarCodeOut ]

and I don't know where to type in the parts that are in the brackets.

Thanks for your help!