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    Typing Unicode Fonts



      Typing Unicode Fonts




      I am using FileMaker Pro 10 on Windows XP, and I am quite new to it. I just imported data from excel, then I created a layout and choose Gentium as font for all fields. The old data are represented as Gentium now. But when I add new text into a field, something funny happens: I can type hacek, dotted and underscored consonants, spiritus lenis and asper, but when I type long a, i and u (with an overscore, ā, ī, and ū), the font switches to Arial, and I cannot change these three letters into Gentium later. Gentium does have this signs, they are represented correctly in other fields of the same file. I maybe have to say that I am using a keyboard designed by an assistant of the oriental institue to type these unicode characters, but it works perfectly, in Excel for example.

      Can anybody help me? Thanks a lot

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          (no known solution, only wild guessing)


          go to the edit menu, preferences, fonts, and try to set another font for  your entry system. Or try to play around with font option found there.


          Did it help?


          greetings from germany


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            Hi Kapitän,


            (Warum habe ich dieses Programm auf deutsch installiert wenn ich nachher meine Probleme auf englisch erklären muss?). Edit menu, preferences and fonts (also Bearbeiten, Einstellungen, Schriften) is a good hint. There is an option to fix fonts, so that, if you change the font in an field, and a sign does not exist in the new font, it will not be changed. In the meanwhile, I found out that Gentium does have ā, ī and ū, and it does not have them. If you fix the font, they remain Arial, if you undo it, they are transformed into Gentium signs that look astonishingly similar to ā, ī and ū. Not a very elegant solution, though. Finding a real Unicode font would be better. Windows packages are supposed to enclose Arial Unicode, but my computer doesn't have it, and I lost the CD. Lucida Sans Unicode does not have the dotted consonants you need for arabic. Any ideas?

            Thanks a lot for your help!

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              Hallo papyrologist,

              warum Du das programm auf Deutsch hast und alles auf Englisch erklärst, keine Ahnung ;-)


              Leider habe ich keinen weiteren Tipp parat, ich hatte mich nur vage erinnnert "ooops da war doch was mit den Zeichensätzen bei den Einstellungen". Da scheint wohl eine neue Schriften-CD fällig zu sein.


              Sorry, i´ve got no more hints. I only remembered somewhere deep in my minds "ooops, there has been something with fonts in the prefs menu". I think you need a new font-cd.


              greetings from germany / grüße aus Deutschland