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Typing Unicode Fonts

Question asked by papyrologist on Jun 19, 2009
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Typing Unicode Fonts




I am using FileMaker Pro 10 on Windows XP, and I am quite new to it. I just imported data from excel, then I created a layout and choose Gentium as font for all fields. The old data are represented as Gentium now. But when I add new text into a field, something funny happens: I can type hacek, dotted and underscored consonants, spiritus lenis and asper, but when I type long a, i and u (with an overscore, ā, ī, and ū), the font switches to Arial, and I cannot change these three letters into Gentium later. Gentium does have this signs, they are represented correctly in other fields of the same file. I maybe have to say that I am using a keyboard designed by an assistant of the oriental institue to type these unicode characters, but it works perfectly, in Excel for example.

Can anybody help me? Thanks a lot