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Um... Field Contents Deleted?

Question asked by j.hall on Aug 20, 2014
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Um... Field Contents Deleted?


     So, Last night I changed a value list from being a list of values from another table to just a standard value list with just the values themselves. We did this because we needed to have them as an option and no values existed for the new list items in the other table.

     However, and I didn't notice it at the time. But when I changed it over, it wiped out all the values in the table for that Field. There is no validation and it's just a text field with Text going in to the field. Not setup for Lookup or anything like that. I'm confused as to why changing the value list in this manner would wipe out those values. The list that I added was the same list from the other table, but added 2 more.

     Any help in understanding how or why this happened would be helpful.