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    unable to access database



      unable to access database


      I had created a very basic, flat database using v9 and was trying to export it to excel or anything that would allow me to re-open it in v6. After tons of messages that I couldn't save to the "disk" and a lot of frustration, I tried to turn on some sort of network or open it with web capability. Anyhow, in short, all of a sudden I'm not being asked to enter a username and password and I never set one up and have tried all my computer passwords and nothing seems to be working. Any way to access my data again???? Appreciate any advice - thanks!

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          Jens Teich
             If you didn't set any account or password your login info for web publishing is account 'Admin' without quotes and empty password.

          Could you please elaborate a bit on the errors showing up when you try to export to excel format or tab-separated text?


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               When I got back into the file, I was able to export and pull into v6 just fine without the errors. Must have been something weird going on. Thank you SO MUCH. Such a simple solution, but it just saved me HOURS of work re-doing everything I had done. I appreciate your quick response!