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Unable to access on-board filemaker help file

Question asked by ishulman on Oct 8, 2009
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Unable to access on-board filemaker help file


I'm running filemaker pro 9 on my Mac (OSX 10.5.8) and have been struggling with it of late because of what may be 2 problems:


1) Although I changed no setting, a formerly secured database file now opens without any password protection. A second (unrelated) file that is also protected continues to require a password to open. This data needs to remain protected.


2) I can no longer access the filemaker help file. Reinstalling the software did not rectify the problem and all the knowledge base articles I have looked at (under 'file corruption') are about operating from a server. Mine are standalone files on a single computer.


Other info:

-At around the time these problems began my computer froze twice, both while iTunes was playing (the music continued playing even though everything else froze)

-I typically use Filemaker pro 9, Microsoft office, Firefox and iCal simultaneously.


Any assistance is appreciated and thanks to those who have already taken a crack at this one.