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    Unable to access shared database



      Unable to access shared database


           Hello Everyone,

           My coworker and I have a shared database (housed locally on her computer) through a filemaker network. Is there any possible to access this file without it being open on her computer or without her being logged in? She is sick today, thus I cannot get any work done.

           We have avoided filemaker server because only two of us are using this database and do not want to spend the extra.


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               The file has to be open by FileMaker on her computer before you can safely access it.

               If it were located in a shared directory to which you have access, you could open it, but this risks damage to the file.

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                 That is what I thought. This has happened several times, any suggestions on a better way to configure this?

                 We have a server that I could store the file on, but both of us are often using it at the same time and it does not update in that situation.

                 Thanks Phil!

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                   These options are listed from least expensive to most:

              1.           Always leave the host computer up and the file open on your coworker's machine or set up remote desktop access so that you can access the computer and open the file on it.
              3.           Get a third copy of FileMaker Pro, move the file to a 3rd computer to use as the host and use the 3rd copy to open it to host it over the network.
              5.           Get a copy of Filemaker Advanced, keep it for your own use or give it to your coworker to use (whoever does the most development work on the file). Use the regular Filemaker Pro copy replaced by FileMaker Advanced to host the file on that third computer.
              7.           Contact a fileMaker hosting service and contract to pay them a monthly fee to host the file for you
              9.           Get FileMaker Server and host it yourself.