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Unable to add new record in primary related table!

Question asked by zxspectrum on Aug 25, 2013


Unable to add new record in primary related table!



     A) My first post!:

     Unable to add new record in primary related table!

     I think i'm doing everthing ok, but the information  does not apear in the related table!?...

     Can you help me please?

     B) Some more information:
  1.           I have created 2 tables: Cars_Owners (primary) and Cars (Secondary);
  3.           I have created their fields;
  5.           I have created a relation betwen them, linking the Owners_name field (in the Primary) with the name field (in the Secondary);
  7.           I gave permission to create new record's in both tables.
  9.           to help me on new records creation, i have made one layout with one portal to see and introduce the data in the secondary table!




     C) what is appening?:

  1.           when I create a new record on the primary table, with the portal on the layout, the new data will appear on the Secondary table, with no problems!
  3.           But, if I am using an layout without the portal, I mean, I'm using de Secondary table with the "Owners_Cars" field, as an related field, I can not append a new name on the Primary table!

     What do I need to do, to add an new name, if he does not exists on the Primary table?


     I will join some screen captures of this situation with my example!