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    Unable To Bounce Mail Off Our SMPT Server



      Unable To Bounce Mail Off Our SMPT Server


      Hi All,


      (Filemaker 8.0 Server)

      (Filemaker 8.0, 8.5, 10.0 Clients)

      (Exchange2007 For Mail Server)

      • We are having issues autenticating to our smpt server from our Keystone Database and KSBroadcaster file.  First, this is the area I connect to to test the smtp mail:


      * Bring up student record in database

      * Click on "Broadcaster"

      * Click on "Main Menu"

      * click on "setup"

      * The following settings from the "setup" window"

           - server address = xxxxx.xxxxx.org

           - Port=25

           - Auth Type=Login

           - Username= (Active Directory Username)

           - Password=

           -  Click on Test server with test address below

           When I click on the button " test server with test address below" I then enter an email address from our Exchange server and then I get the following error"

           First I get a message displaying "Authenticating" and then I get the following error: Err (Err message: -033 (not connected))


      - I checked this article http://blogs.techrepublic.com.com/networking/?p=373 and created a new Receive Connector in Exchange2007, but i'm still getting the error.


      Can anybody point me in the right direction here?


      Thanks in advance,


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          Thank you for your post.


          Only FileMaker Pro 10 will allow you to send mail to a SMTP server.  With FileMaker Pro 10 running, pull down the File menu and select Send Mail...   Next to "Send via: ", change the pop-up from E-mail Client" to "SMTP Server".  Enter the pertinent information and click OK.  In the "To: " section, enter your email address.  Place "Test" in the Subject and Message areas and click OK.  Check your email client and see if you receive an email.  If this doesn't work, go back into "Send Mail...", and adjust the settings for the SMTP server.



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            Yes, we are using Filemaker 10 to send the mail.  The description you gave us is something we already know.