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Unable to compress database (Filemaker Pro 8.5v2)

Question asked by RyanPatterson on Jul 26, 2010
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Unable to compress database (Filemaker Pro 8.5v2)



I have a client who created a database from a copy of an existing one in order to serve a separate location.  The original database was 34 MB in size, and despite the fact that she cleared all data from the new database, it still remains at 28 MB.  I've tried saving compacted, cloned, and recovered copies (using Filemaker Pro 8.5 and 9), but the file size won't go any smaller.

A copy of this database design also exists for other sites, and the smallest is only 340 kB with 13 records.  This new location has only 9 records, so the file size should be even smaller.

Any help/insight would be appreciated.


Calgary, AB