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Unable to connect

Question asked by TitaniusTiti on Jun 26, 2013
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Unable to connect


     Hi guys,

     Currently I am trying to connect an external Data source (actually its a web browser/page) to Filemaker Pro 12.

     The external data source is connected to my Macbook Pro via a LAN cable.

     I researched in the net and found out that ODBC is required. I downloaded it and tried to connect but unsuccessful.

     One of the issues I'm facing is, I do not know what platform the web page is developed from , i.e Microsoft SQL, MySQL, Oracle or Open Office Databases. I could not get the information as its third-party application.

     So I tried using each and everyone of the database platforms in the hope of connecting through.

     When I tried using Microsoft SQL and MySQL, after I setup the ODBC connection, a dialog box 'Actual SQL Server Login' appears when I clicked on the 'Test'. I have no idea whats the login or password. I tried using the login and password used to access the web browser but its of no use.

     The connection is not established.

     I am unsure whether I am heading in the right direction or otherwise.

     Kindly advice.