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Unable to create a relationship between tables

Question asked by JanetLee on Aug 2, 2012
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Unable to create a relationship between tables


I am using a MAC with OSX 10.6.8 and FMpro 11.0v1.  I was able to create a relationship in the tutorial example but cannot do so in my created database.  I have two tables, the first has an auto generated serial ID to be used as a unique patient identifier.  The second table will have auto generated unique sample identifiers.  I would like the patient information to link to the second table in a drop down menu.  There will be multiple samples per patient so I would like to be able to enter the patient ID in more than one entry on a layout referencing the second table to correspond to additional patient samples.  This seems so simple and having tried so many different iterations of linking the records I am at a loss.  I also tried using the patient name as a field to link the first table to the second but that did not work either.  Not having a background in programming I need help.